Congratulations to Mike Maddox, former chairman of VPPPA, on his retirement. Mike Maddox served as chairman of the board for nearly 20 years. Mike was honored for his contributions to VPP and to the Association at the 32nd Annual National VPPPA Safety & Health Conference in Kissimmee, FL. A video message from his peers can be viewed here.

Thank you for participating in our Awards and Scholarship Programs! This year, we had a record number of students apply for our scholarships and were able to award $10,000 to tomorrow's safety and health leaders. 

Have you seen our latest blog post? What is the difference between blame vs culpability? Is your company guilty of fingerpointing?

VPPPA Workplace Safety Plan

Columbine, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Excel Industries. What do these words have in common? Workers and students were killed in a place they thought safe. In fact, there is no workplace that is absolutely safe. Workplace violence has become far too common. Anyone or anyplace can be a target and the threat may be internal or external to the organization.