llS is  currently seeking  an  environmental,  health  and s afety  (EHS)  professional  to  support  the  MSM

 business  in  the  Chesapeake /  Norfolk  VA  area  (to  include  IIS  employees  assigned to the Yorktown Naval Base).

As the assigned EHS Engineer, you will be responsible for initiating and maintaining EHS training and

injury prevention strategies, along with supporting other program, facility and operations efforts, as

required. You will take direction from the llS EHS Mission Area Manager and work collaboratively with the

site leads at each site.  T
he position will require travel to the two locations on a routine frequency.


  • Developandmaintainwrittenenvironmental,healthandsafety(EHS)plansandrequireddocumentation,tocomplywithfederal,state,local,andCustomerregulatoryandrequirements
  • EnsureemployeesreceiverequiredEHStrainingandthatitistracked
  • Developand/orimplementEHSprogramsandprojects.
  • DevelopandimplementEHSmanagementsystemstointegrateEHSintothebusiness
  • Interpret, recommend,andcomplywithEHSregulationsandCompany
  • Ensure the sites are prepared for corporate and OSHA VPP audits.
  • Removehazardsand/orprotectemployeesbymethodsincluding proper engineering controls, guarding,revisingworkproceduresandtraining,andrequiringuseprotectiveclothingandpersonalprotective
  • Takeeffectivestepstoensurethatworkplaceconditionscomplywithapplicablefederalandstatesafetyandhealthstandards,andensurethatallrequiredrecordsarepreparedandmaintained.
  • Providesupport(reviewandforcertificationjobhazardanalyses.
  • Prepareanddeliverpresentationsto
  • Supportsincidentandinjury
  • Ensure all environmental programs are in place and all required environmental reporting is completed on time to local, state and federal governments. 

Security Clearance Requirement: Secret


This position requires that a candidate have, or acquire, a Secret clearance. While a clearance is

not required to start work, a candidate must be clearable. US citizenship is a clearance

prerequisite. Raytheon will apply for a clearance on behalf of an individual selected who does not

have a clearance. A clearance that is existing and active (or inactive less than two years) is


Required Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • SixmoreyearsexperienceinEnvironment,HealthandSafety(EHS)engineeringrelated
  • Abilitytoprioritizeandmulti-taskinafast-pacedenvironment,andimmediatelychangeprioritieswhenneeded.
  • Abilitytobeaneffectiveteammemberandteamleader.
  • Excellentverbalandwrittencommunication
  • Abilitytobeeffectiveinworkingwithpeopleacrossalllevels.
  • WorkingknowledgeEPAandOSHAenvironmentandsafetyworkplace
  • FormalEHStraining

Desired Experience and Capabilities:

  • Knowledge Mil Specs and standards.
  • KnowledgeandexperienceworkingwithinOSHA
  • Experience in environmental management and reporting. 


  • Norfolk,VA
  • Chesapeake, VA
  • Yorktown VA

Required Education (including Major): Bachelor’s degree, Safety and Environmental

Management, E
ngineering, Science, Math, or related field


To apply, visit: https://jobs.raytheon.com/job/chesapeake/senior-environment-safety-and-health-engineer-ii/4679/3818416