VPPPA covers a range of worksites and employees; therefore, it’s beneficial to offer different types of membership. The site dues vary by the type of worksite and the number of employees.

VPPPA Membership Application 

Full, Associate, International Associate and Student Dues


Annual dues for FullAssociate, and International Associate membership are determined by the number of employees, excluding contractors, at each facility.

Full Membership is applicable to sites currently approved in OSHA, DOE or state-plan-state VPP. Annual dues are based on the number of employees covered under OSHA or DOE jurisdiction (excluding contractors) at each facility (see table below).

VPP Mobile Workforce Demonstration for Construction sites can join VPPPA as Full (if VPP-approved) or Associate (if pursuing VPP) members. The number of employees is based on the number of employees reported for the OSHA Designated Geographic Area (DGA) or listed on OSHA's 300 Log, respectively.

Associate Membership is applicable to worksites, corporate offices or educational institutions pursuing OSHA, DOE or state-plan-state VPP approval or looking to improve their safety and health management systems. Corporate offices may join as an Associate member if they do not have any worksites that are currently in VPP. Educational institutions may qualify for Associate membership by cooperatively working with governmental agencies to improve worker safety and health. Annual dues are half of Full membership dues (see table below).

International Associate Membership is for a worksite outside of the U.S. and its territories pursuing the elements of VPP or a similar occupational safety and health excellence program. Annual dues are half of Full membership dues (see table below).

Student Membership is for students currently enrolled in a college or university in the health, safety or environmental fields. Annual dues are the same as associate dues for 1-50 employees ($45/year). 

Use the table below to determine what dues for your site would be, based on the number of employees:


# of Employees FULL DuesAssociate Dues
1 - 50  $90 $45
51 - 100 $225 $112.50
101 - 250 $450 $225
251 - 500 $675 $337.50
501 - 1,000 $900 $450
1,001 - 2,500 $1,500 $750
2,501 and above  $2,500 $1,250


Other Membership Dues and Categories


Corporate Membership is limited to any headquarters office of the same company, division or corporation, which provides guidance and/or support directly to an approved VPP worksite. The corporate membership category is NOT an umbrella membership and only covers employees at the corporate worksite. Corporate worksite member dues are $250 per year.

Nonprofit Membership is available to the office of 501(c)(3) or (6) organizations. Non-profit membership dues are $360 per year and cover all organizational staff.

Union Membership shall be applicable to local and international unions that support at least one site that is eligible for VPPPA Full or Associate membership. Union membership dues are $100 per year and cover all local union members.

Affiliate Membership is applicable to companies that provide products and/or services toward the enhancement of the safety and health industry. The annual dues are $500.

Agency Membership is limited to the headquarters office of federal agencies that regulate the safety and health of working conditions in workplaces owned or operated by a federal agency. These agencies are usually developing, establishing or implementing a voluntary program to encourage and recognize excellence in worker safety and health or other regulatory achievements.

Agency I - Annual dues are $4,500 during all years in which programs similar to VPP are being developed.

Agency II - Starting the first full calendar year in which the agency is making program approvals, the dues are $2,700 per year.

Agency III - Limited to the staff of federal, state or territorial agencies that regulate the safety and health of working conditions in workplaces NOT owned by the federal agency. Dues are $360 per year.