2019 National Board of Directors Elections


In conjunction with the 2019 Safety+ Symposium, taking place August 27-30 in New Orleans, Lousiana, elections are scheduled to be held for VPPPA National Board of Directors' positions. Here are the official candidates for this year's open positions:

TSVice Chairperson
Terry Schulte, NuStar Energy

Mr. Schulte has been involved with safety since 1983 when he was responsible for the Air Force Occupational Safety and Health (AFOSH) standards.  He later went on to help many private industrial companies (Delta Tech, Waste Management Industrial Services, Ecology Control Industries, Exxon/Valero Energy Corporation and NuStar Energy LP) with their safety programs.

Though the years, Terry has taught himself safety regulations, programs and practices and has received extensive training in the field.  He currently holds a Safety Management Specialist (SMS) certification and continues to expand his safety and industrial hygiene knowledge with his many years of experience with designing and implementing safety management systems.  He has successfully led many industrial construction projects as the safety manager which resulted in project completion with no injuries.  What makes Terry unique is his various perspectives from his time being an hourly employee safety champion to Safety Supervisor to Safety Manager and currently VPP Director.   

Terry has been involved with the Voluntary Protection Program since 2000. He became the employee safety team chairperson in 2003 for the Valero Benicia refinery. Terry was appointed to the Region IX Board Representative from a site without a CBA in April 2006.  He was then appointed Vice Chairman in April of 2007 and elected to Chairperson in 2008.  Terry remains on the Region IX Board as a Director at Large.  He was elected to the National VPPPA Board of Directors as a Director at Large in 2013 and in 2014 was appointed to be the position of Secretary.  He currently serves as the Vice Chairperson and loves being involved with the VPPPA. He recognizes the opportunities that VPPPA afforded him and is committed to help serve the VPPPA membership to show his gratitude. Over the years, Terry has mentored numerous sites including; Cintas, Raytheon, Honeywell, Conoco Phillips, Phillips 66, Dow Chemical, Travis Air Force Base, NRG, Guarantee, Electric, Brand/Safway Scaffolding and multiple other companies.  

Terry also contributes to the community as a member of his home town chapter of Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT) and the annual Walk of Honor for local veterans. Terry and his wife (Yuko) spend countless hours advocating and consulting with families of newly diagnosed autistic children.  Terry and his wife Yuko have been married since 1990 have two wonderful children (James 24 and Derrick 23) and reside in Elk Grove, California.

Dan Lazorcak, Honeywell International

For the past several years, I have had the privilege of serving on the National Board of Directors, first as a Director at Large and currently as the Secretary for the Organization.  Previous and concurrent to this time, I have served on the Region IX Board of Directors for 12 years in various roles, including Secretary, Treasurer and Director at Large.  During my tenure with both Boards, I have seen the capabilities of our membership continue to mature, have been an advocate for the VPP process and was highly engaged with the successful Arizona VPP codification process.

My HSE career spans almost 30 years in a variety of industries including chemical, utility, automotive, and aerospace.  Through my experience with these different industries, all had two things in common: the drive for continued safety excellence and the application of the VPP guiding principles as the vehicle for such improvement.  I began my education around VPP in 1995 and learned very quickly that consistent application of the core VPP processes will improve a persons, sites or corporations effort in safety and health.  I believe in the VPP process and have seen first-hand how the process positively impacts and drives a culture to safety excellence.

Currently, I am a Sr. Director of HSE for Honeywell International and have responsibility to provide oversight and support to all locations across the globe, including Honeywell’s 25 VPP Star sites. I am also actively involved in legislative outreach efforts at both the federal and state level.

My desire to remain on the National Board is strong. The VPPPA has many challenges and opportunities as it continues its mission.  Federal codification, fostering enhanced relationships with our regulatory partners and association growth and stability are specific areas I see opportunities for continuous improvement.  You have my commitment that if elected, I will work tirelessly towards turning these opportunities into reality.

JGDirector from a Site with a Collective Bargaining Agent
Jack Griffith, CH2M Hill

Jack currently serves on the National VPPPA Board as the Director from a Site with a Collective Bargaining Agent.  He is an employee of CH2M HILL Plateau Remediation Company of Richland, Washington, where he is a full time Union Safety Representative and Hanford Site VPP Coordinator.  He has over 24 years’ experience in VPP along with serving as a Special Government Employee (SGE) for the past 14 years. Jack is a Charter Member of the National Labor/Management Committee and is the Current Chairperson. He has been a presenter at Regional, National VPPPA Symposiums and Summits, including Washington Governors Safety & Health Conferences, and Safety & Health Conference for the U.S. Air force. He has taught over 450 people how to conduct their Annual VPP Self Assessments along with serving on Department of Energy and OSHA assessment teams.  Provides Mentoring and Outreach to organizations interested in VPP.

Additional VPP involvement Activities:

  • Region X Treasurer
  • Hanford Site VPP Champions Co-Chairperson
  • Assists OSHA Teaching SGE classes, reviews annual VPP reports
  • Team Lead for VPP Assessments
  • Develops VPP presentations
  • Provides Mediation Services to sites considering pulling out of VPP

Stacy ThursbyDirector from a DOE-VPP Site
Stacy Thursby, AECOM

Starting in 2001 through the present, I have had the privilege and honor to represent the VPPPA Membership as a regional Board of Directors and National Board Director at Large and the DOE VPP representative.  During that time, the Association has seen growth, change, and evolution reflecting the membership’s requests and needs. As your National Board of Director from a DOE VPP site, requests and needs are translated into improvements that serve to provide guidance and best practices that translate into our teammates leaving work each day to return to loved ones and family safe and healthy. 

The VPP system allows and drives continuous improvement challenging those who embrace the elements of VPP to share in a teaming approach to safety and health. VPP is held as the standard of excellence ever reinventing itself to be better than the day before with a vision of eliminating injuries and illnesses from worksites.  I am blessed to be a part of the Department of Energy family and honored that the Association Membership has allowed me the opportunity to share, collaborate, and to make them part of my family.

Shelly EttelDirector-at-Large (three positions available)
Shelly Ettel, AECOM

Shelly Ettel is a Plant Supervisor at a Chemical Weapons Demilitarization facility in Pueblo Colorado. Shelly has led two demilitarization’s sites to VPP Star status.  Her pervious site had three companies and her current site has four companies achieving and maintaining Star status. She started her VPP journey in 2007 and became an SGE in 2014.  She has been on the VPPPA Region VIII board of directors for six years.

Shelly has mentored companies and other divisions of her company striving to achieve VPP Star status, by preforming gap analysis on their processes and assisted in writing VPP applications. She has written and reviewed the safety and health management system and supporting documents for the requesting companies. Conducted a site walkthrough and helped those companies through the entire application and Star achievement process.   

She is an experienced professional with seventeen plus years of combined experience in the areas of supervision, Department of Defense Chemical Weapons Demilitarization Facility Operations Support and managed Document Control and special projects.

Shelly’s passion for safety started where she grew up; in a small mining town in Huntington, Utah which infamously made the national news often, where mining accidents seemed to be a way of life and her friends growing up without fathers or other family members were more common than it should. Her brother’s wife lost her father to a mining accident and his children never met their grandfather.

Shelly has taken the pain of personal tragedy and let it fuel her passion for safety and with that passion, has been a leader of employee led teams and guided management and the industries they lead to a culture of commitment to safety.   

Linneweh1002Bill Linneweh, Hendrickson

It has been a great opportunity serving on the VPPPA Region V Board of Directors since 2010 with the last six years as chairperson.  Throughout the years, Region V has a built an incredibly strong tradition of networking and success sharing through a variety of avenues including our annual safety and health conference, mentoring sites pursuing VPP, partnering with Region V OSHA to conduct VPP pre-onsite evaluations and working collaboratively with our membership to advance safety excellence.  It has been a privilege and honor to work alongside such committed volunteers and members.

Over this period, I have become very active with the National VPPPA Board of Directors by routinely attending board meetings in Washington DC, participating in Congressional Outreach education events, and serving on the Legislative & Regulatory and Labor & Management committees.  I’ve been an outspoken proponent of VPP and the VPPPA as demonstrated by my speaking with Congressional Members, presenting at regional safety conferences, and mentoring companies pursuing VPP.

As Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Security with Hendrickson since 2004, I provide global EHSS leadership throughout Hendrickson.  I work closely with our seven VPP sites found within Regions IV, V and XIII (VPP Star sites located in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota, and Tennessee).

Should I be elected as Director-at-Large, I will work closely with the National Board, VPPPA Staff, and our members to grow and build upon the association’s mission to be the premier global safety and health organization.

Additional Qualifications/Strengths:

  • Region V Chapter Board Member (2010-2019)
  • Region V Chairperson (2012-2019)
  • VPPPA Legislative & Regulatory and Labor & Management committees
  • Professional member of the American Society of Safety Professionals
  • Former chapter President of the ASSP Three Rivers Chapter
  • Former member of the Chicagoland Safety Conference Planning Team
  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

AndyAndrew Youpel, Brandenburg

Mr. Andrew G. Youpel is a Safety and Occupational Health Manager as well as the VPP Coordinator for Brandenburg Industrial Service Company since 1995, one of America's largest turnkey demolition and environmental remediation contractors in America and the only Industrial Service contractor to have achieved OSHA VPP status. Prior to assuming his position at Brandenburg, Mr. Youpel worked for the U.S. Department of Labor as a Senior OSHA Compliance Officer. Mr. Youpel is a member of the Region 5 VPPPA Board of Directors since 2015, representing the Mobile Work Force/contractors. Mr. Youpel has been a Special Government Employee (SGE) since 2008 and remains highly active in the program. He received the VPPPA Region 5 SGE of the Year Award and was nominated for the national VPPPA SGE award. As an SGE, he is responsible for assisting OSHA Compliance Officers- CAS, with accreditation audits for their prestigious VPP program. He has participated in over 30 VPP audits and successfully mentored 5 companies through the VPP application process. He has been, and continues to be, very active in presenting the VPP "story" at numerous construction conferences, promoting the program for the Department of Labor OSHA. Mr. Youpel is a member of the faculty at Purdue University. He teaches courses in construction safety and health, as well as supervisory management course for engineering students.

Mr. Youpel sits on the Saint Rita High School Board of Directors, where he chairs the Facility Board Committee. He has held this position since 2010.

Mr. Youpel is an IHSA certified umpire for High School varsity girls' softball.

Mr. Youpel has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from Chicago State University in Secondary Education and Masters of Arts (MA) from Lewis University in Supervisory and Organizational Leadership Studies.

Mr. Youpel would be a very positive addition to the VPPPA National Board representing the construction industry due to his strong commitment to workers safety and to the VPP, and urge you to appoint him to this positon.


Each position has a term of two years, beginning at the end of the 2019 Safety+ Symposium and terminating at the 2021 Safety+ Symposium. To be elected or appointed to the VPPPA National Board of Directors, a nominee must be an employee of a Full or Corporate member site in good standing with the association, and must have served on a Regional Committee, Regional Board or a National Committee, for at least one year.



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