A commitment to superior workplace safety does not end with your daily commute. Our members are dedicated to sharing their successes and innovations with peers, policymakers, and competitors to make workplaces safer across the globe.

“You are the companies that go beyond and above basic OSHA requirements and strive to create a culture of safety. This is what you all do so well and this is what inspires us. And more importantly, inspires companies around the country to do the same. It is important that your stories are told and told again because they show what it takes to do the right thing and how you can benefit, not only your companies, but also, more importantly, workers, from doing the right thing. Day after day, your actions become living proof that maintaining a safe workplace is not only a moral imperative, it's good for the bottom line as well.”

-Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Jordan Barab


Congressional Outreach

VPP is a small program with a big impact. OSHA spends just $3.5 million a year on VPP, but the programs protect nearly one million employees at 2,200 worksites across the country. Through regular legislative outreach, VPPPA members share their stories with legislators in Washington, D.C., and closer to home.

Safety knows no political party and it is vital to shine a light on successful government initiatives that promote a constructive and productive dialogue between labor, management and regulators. To this end, we provide news, research and supporting materials for use in the promotion of worker safety.

Contacting your representatives and meeting with them may seem intimidating, but it is a simple process. Elected officials are most interested in hearing from their constituents, the champions of worker safety whose impact is felt every day at locations in their district or state.

For more info on how to share your worksite’s successes, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (703) 761-1146.



What is the VPP Act?

The VPP Act grants VPP its own line item in OSHA’s budget. Currently, the programs are funded through “Compliance Assistance – Federal,” alongside other cooperative initiatives. This legislation maintains the existing VPP process and ensures its continued success by codifying it and letting Congress control its funding directly.

Earlier this year, the Virginia General Assembly unanimously passed similar legislation for its state-plan VPP.