January 31, 2018 

Hurricane Harvey dropped over 51 inches of rain on the gulf coast of Texas between Corpus Christi and Beaumont. Over 185,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and more than 364,000 people registered for assistance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It is estimated that the cost to Texas is greater than $125 billion.

Some members of the Region VI VPPPA Board of Directors were directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. Some members participated in rescue and recovery efforts. The Region VI Board wanted to do more to help.

Each member of the Board was given $500 to distribute to employees at their VPP Star Site towards hurricane recovery. Each Board Member has the authority to dispense the funds as they see fit while complying with company policy/rules. Many people that have either damage or a complete loss of their homes do not have flood insurance. While the lack of flood insurance may sound counterintuitive, realize that the flooding associated with Harvey was characterized as a one-thousand-year flood. Due to this, many people were caught with no insurance.

It is a small token, but donations have been very well received by the victims of the storm. Region IV is more than happy to help.