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By Jackie Edwards

November 30, 2017

(Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash)


Every year millions of people are injured at work, from construction workers to office workers. It doesn’t matter if you work in a comfortable office or an outdoor site; either way there are lots of safety hazards to be aware of – although it is worth noting that people who work outdoors tend to face more hazards on a daily basis.

This is a big issue; nearly 3 million people in US were injured at work in 2016, and around 30% of those incidents occurred at construction sites.

If you want to improve health and safety at your workplace, there is one communication model that can really help – the RACI Matrix.

The RACI Matrix

The RACI Matrix is an interesting communication tool that can help to reduce safety risks at work. The tool is very general, so it can be applied to both office environments and on-site locations, which means that the majority of businesses can benefit from the tool.

So what is the matrix?

It is short for the Responsibility Assignment Matrix, and it helps to highlight and designate roles within project or organization change. This can help to reduce confusion about roles and duties as it clarifies the roles for everyone. It can also help to speed the progress of the project up as everyone fully understands the tasks that they need to complete and who they need to report to.

The acronym can be broken down by letters; Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. Each word is a role within the team, and it helps to define who is responsible for completing the job, who will be overseeing the task and who is being held accountable for the whole project.

Why this model improves safety

One of the main benefits of this model is that it can help to reduce the risk of accidents in workplace, as it ensures that no employees will complete jobs that are not assigned to them; only the person with the most relevant skills will complete the role. This is especially useful on construction sites where there is a high risk of injury.

This is because it helps to increase communication within the group, which is an essential part of any group project. Poor communication can lead to confusion and conflict, and this can slow down the progress of the project and cause internal conflicts.

This is extra important for construction teams as there are lots of safety risks on a construction site that can be completely avoided with a solid communication plan, helping to reduce overall annual accidents.

Whether you run an indoor company or an outdoor company you can use the RACI Matrix to improve internal projects and organizational changes. This can help to reduce safety risks with improved communication and clear designation of roles within a team - just make sure to spend time making the roles clear to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch.