How to Reduce Fatigue in the Workplace

December 5, 2019  

By: Kevin Gardner 


Tired At Work? Here’s How To Stay Awake

Yawn...stretch...yawn again...fight to stay awake the rest of the afternoon. Sound familiar? If you are hitting a wall around 3:00ish, you are suffering the afternoon drag. It happens; lunch is over and you only have a few hours left in your day. It’s no fun to feel like you’re dragging for the last little bit of your workday, so what can you do to stay on track and stop yourself from wanting to lie down and take a nap by late afternoon?

Have A Snack

Oftentimes you’re starting to feel sleepy and cranky because your blood sugar is low. Even though you might not be starving to death, you can reduce fatigue and help yourself to feel more alert by having a snack rich in protein. Keep things in your desk drawer when you start to feel like you’re hitting the mid-afternoon wall.

  • Trail mix was designed to help give you energy and keep you moving, which is why there is a variety of carbs, sugars and proteins. In the same spirit, beef or turkey jerky are great sources of protein too.
  • Nuts and nut butter are chock full of protein and can help to wake you back up. Almonds and peanuts are popular choices.
  • Although some protein bars can taste like bricks, it’s up to you to do some taste testing to find a brand you like. Some of the best ones (albeit the more expensive ones) include Clif or Luna Bars.


Even if you’re in the middle of a massive project and feel like you can’t leave, take some advice: Leaving your workspace and going for a quick breather can do wonders for your state of mind. Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air while getting a change of scenery can help get you recharged and ready to take on the next phase of your project.

Take a walk.

This is the best and most highly-recommended way to move while you’re at the workplace. It’s awful for your heart to be stuck sitting in front of a desk all day, so get it pumping while you take a quick lap around the outside perimeter of the building. One hack is to park as far away from the building as you can so that you’re forced to walk farther at the beginning and end of each day.

Download an app.

The wonders of technology: Now your phone can tell you when you need to stop working and start moving. Apps range from simple (step and calorie tracking) to elaborate (build an entire exercise regime), but one thing they all have in common? They’re designed to get you out of your chair.

Drink more water.

Water is essential for humans to survive, especially when you consider that we are made from 60% of the stuff. Drinking water flushes out your insides and helps you to urinate more frequently — which in turn forces you to make trips to the bathroom more often. Win/win!

Change Up Your Routine

There are times that work can be just plain boring — sorry, managers, but it’s true! Not all tasks are as exciting as others, but remember that it is your job to accomplish all tasks, even if they’re not fun. If you feel like your eyes are crossing and that you are about to lay your head on top of this stack of TPS reports and snooze, it’s time to change your routine.

  • Decorate your office space. Include pictures of your family, knickknacks from home and other small things that bring you joy; take cues from Michael Scott.
  • Take a break. No, this doesn’t mean spend an hour in the warehouse BSing with the guys there, it means take ten or 15 minutes away from your desk to clear your mind and get back into a better attitude for the rest of the day.
  • Tell your boss. Really! If you’re not being challenged enough at work and this happens every day, then it’s a problem. You’re not enjoying your job and you need more to stimulate you while you’re there. Let the boss know so that you can have more/different tasks throughout your day.

Feeling unmotivated at work can make for long, boring days. Find different ways to keep yourself awake and motivated to tackle the day!