I imagine you’ve given your fair share of workplace hand-safety talks throughout your career, whether informal talks or as part of your official workplace safety and health program, presented in a formal safety meeting. Have you ever watched your audience to see how—or even if—they’re actually receiving the information you’re sharing? Do you sometimes feel that the hand-safety information you provide goes right in one ear and out the other? Do your hand-safety statistics prove this, with accidents, injuries, and close call/near miss incidents peppering safety reports, despite your best efforts?

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Yawn...stretch...yawn again...fight to stay awake the rest of the afternoon. Sound familiar? If you are hitting a wall around 3:00ish, you are suffering the afternoon drag. It happens; lunch is over and you only have a few hours left in your day. It’s no fun to feel like you’re dragging for the last little bit of your workday, so what can you do to stay on track and stop yourself from wanting to lie down and take a nap by late afternoon?

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