Increase Your Productivity and Safety With Automation

February 27, 2020

By: Dan Hanrahan

Manufacturers understand the value of hard work and manual labor. However, there’s no denying the importance of technology and how it makes workers’ jobs easier and safer. By taking much of the burden off employees’ shoulders, automation enhances productivity and reduces the risk of injury. Therefore, equipment designed to ease the burden enables workers to put forth more effort and deliver better results for their employers.

For instance, robots can meticulously perform the same task thousands of times. They never get tired, bored or distracted — perfect for handling many of the most mundane steps in a material handling system. This virtually eliminates the potential for costly errors or injuries caused by repetitive stress.

In other areas of the warehouse or production facility, self-driving forklifts and other autonomous machines have the capability to replace human beings in some of the most dangerous areas. As a result, workers don’t have to set foot in areas where hazardous activities are commonplace. Automation also can easily handle heavy lifting, which reduces the physical strain on human bodies.

Automation systems also come with numerous behind-the-scenes benefits, including streamlined asset management, greater reporting capabilities and enhanced potential for collaboration. To learn more about what makes these components so valuable to manufacturing operations and the people who work in them, see the accompanying infographic created by The Numina Group.