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By: Andrew Miller 

January 19, 2017

Investing in business safety precautions is an essential step to finding the right tools for success. To position your company as a leader in your field, you must pay careful attention to best practices in preventing workplace accidents.

One of the best strategies to help keep your business from experiencing safety problems is to incorporate industrial safety gates throughout your location. Here are nine reasons why safety gates are so vital to every industry.

1. Keep Rooftops Safe

Safety begins from the top down, so you should start outfitting your location from the top – your roof. Personnel who spend time on the roof completing tasks or doing inspections must be able to do so without risking their lives. The best way to reduce the risk of rooftop accidents is to use safety gates.

A safety gate can be used on a roof entrance for two reasons. First, they give authorized staff entering and exiting the top of the building an extra layer of protection. Next, they can keep trespassers from illegally entering your location through an unsecured roof access point.

2. Create a Protected Area for Walking

Safety gates are also an ideal solution for creating protected pedestrian areas throughout your facility. Many industrial buildings are filled with hurried activity throughout the workday. There may be vehicles transporting materials along the floor, heavy machinery running and large pallets being moved from place to place.

Workers will need to walk through the facility, but it can be difficult with so much noise and so many tasks going on at once. The best solution is to designate a walking path solely for individuals on foot. Keep this walkway protected from potential problems with secure safety gates around all vulnerable spots.

3. Secure Ladder Openings

In several types of workplace settings, ladders may be necessary to complete important tasks. If you’ve got numerous ladders installed throughout your building, this may mean additional height hazards for your employees. Invest in safeguards for each ladder opening, like ladder safety gates.

Keep ladders off limits to everyone but appropriately-trained crew. When they’re not being used, your ladders will stay secure. Safety gates across ladder openings can also be an extra piece of protection for workers who are climbing them.

4. Prevent Unauthorized Access

Making sure your business is well protected doesn’t start and stop with your regular business hours. During the evenings and weekends or other times when you may be closed up, you must invest in whatever you can to prevent break-ins or other instances of unauthorized access.

Having a system of multiple safety gates set up throughout your building can help deter potential burglars from targeting your expensive equipment or other assets. If you make your space harder to get to with industrial safety gates locked in place, criminals are more likely to avoid your area. 

5. Provide an Extra Safeguard From Falls

Safety gates are also one of the best ways you can keep employees safe from dangerous falls in the workplace. A fall from a significant height can lead to serious injury or death, so it’s necessary to survey the spaces in your building and determine where the risks may be.

An industrial safety gate can act as an extra safeguard to give you and your staff a little more peace of mind. This way, if someone becomes distracted, trips over something or makes a mistake while working from height, the gate can keep a terrible tragedy from unfolding. 

Additionally, a properly secured workplace is OSHA compliant. Following OSHA’s recommended regulations is the best strategy for putting your company on the right path to success.

6. Guard Expensive Machinery

Many businesses use safety gates for property protection. Industrial equipment and expensive machinery are big investments into your company’s future, so you should take steps to keep these items safe from damage or destruction.

By using safety gates to prevent access, you can keep these pricey assets protected from accidents or unauthorized use. Guarding gates can also help prevent individuals from getting too close to dangerous machines.

7. Safeguard Industrial Elevators

Industrial safety gates are highly beneficial within heavy-duty elevators. Many elevators used in warehouses or in production factories are much larger than the standard consumer elevator.

Because there is a higher possibility of danger when riding these open-air elevators, safety gates should be installed to add more protection. This way, the potential for employees falling out can be greatly reduced.  

8. Maintain High Productivity

The benefits of safety gates can actually go beyond preventing accidents. In many situations, a properly installed safety gate can help boost productivity. Employees who work in a facility that is properly equipped with safety features are less limited in their ability to complete tasks.

Environments with “ideal safety” features experience more steady work outputs without having downtime due to unfortunate hazards and accidents. This could translate to a more efficient workplace.

Moreover, installing safety gates in your facility is a subtle way to show your employees that you are serious about their well-being and value their work. When workers feel safe and appreciated, they are more likely to work productively.

9. Encourage Employees to Take Safety Seriously 

Finally, when you take safety in the workplace seriously, your workers, in turn, may be more likely to put safety first themselves. Making safety a priority in your company sets a standard that helps keep everyone happier and healthier. This could mean employees give greater attention to the details related to your safety plan and procedures.

The safety gate solution may be exactly what your business needs to keep your team protected from injury or worse. If you take time to invest in quality safety gates, your company can focus on what you really do best.

Contact Dakota Safety to learn more about the top safety gate recommendations for your industry and facility. 

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