By Jackie Edwards
April 26, 2018 

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Construction is often seen as the only dangerous work environment, but offices also contain lots of hidden hazards. In fact, there were almost 3 million workplace injuries reported by office industry employers in 2016!

This shows that the office can be a fairly risky workplace, and this has often to do with electrical equipment or dangerous old equipment. If you want to reduce the chance of injury in your office, here are three hidden dangers in the office that your employees should be aware of.

Electrical equipment

Most offices contain a large number of electrical items, including printers, computers, and kettles. Each of these items can potentially become damaged, so you should arrange regular checks to ensure that all of the appliances are still in full working order. This will reduce the chance of your employees being shocked, but that isn’t all; it can also be useful to make sure that all of the exposed wires are moved out of the way. Falling is the most common office accident, and office workers are 2 times more likely to suffer an injury from a fall than non-office workers, so exposed wires can easily pose a problem. If you’re not sure what to do with the wires, you could buy clips to secure them to the skirting board.

Sharp equipment

Office employees can easily cut themselves on poorly stored sharp items, such as scissors, envelope openers, and sharpeners. For this reason, it can be useful to set one draw aside for sharp items, and then clearly label the draw so that employees know to be cautious when they use them. It can also be useful to replace some items with safer alternatives, such as electric pencil sharpeners. You can also leave electric sharpeners on the desk, so they are less likely to be unknowingly grabbed by an employee. However, it is important to make sure you invest in quieter equipment, as you don't want to distract people in the office!

Worn out equipment

Worn out equipment such as old chairs and desks can also pose a potential hazard, especially if people have been using the equipment incorrectly. For instance, employees may have stood on a chair to replace a light bulb, but this would make the chair weak and damaged. If you want to prevent accidents happening because of damaged equipment, you should inspect the furniture regularly to find out if it needs replacing or repairing. If you do find anything that is broken it should be removed from the office and replaced immediately. It can also be useful to remind employees that they don’t need to stand on office chairs to fix anything, as there should be proper safety ladders for the job.

The office may not seem like a dangerous space, but every day hundreds of people are injured as they work in offices. Thankfully it is fairly easy to reduce the risk of injury in your office if you follow these tips, which means that your employees will be safer and happier.