The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has recognized the Paulsboro Refinery's commitment to workplace safety by awarding the facility "Voluntary Protection Program" (VPP) Star recertification. 

Paulsboro Refinery employees and business partners are proud to be officially recognized by OSHA as a worksite with exemplary occupational safety and health programs, and celebrated their accomplishment at a luncheon at the Paulsboro, NJ refinery. 

This workforce is only one of 25 refineries in the U.S. to achieve VPP status; receiving its initial VPP approval in 1994 and subsequently recertifying in 2004, 2007, 2013, and again this year. 

The federal government established the VPP Program in 1982 to recognize worksites that successfully implement Safety Management systems comprising the four VPP elements: Management Leadership and Employee Involvement; Worksite Analysis; Hazard Prevention and Control; plus Safety and Health Training. 


About Paulsboro Refining Company

Paulsboro Refining Company® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PBF Energy Inc. Paulsboro Refinery has about 460 full-time employees and numerous contractors.

The Paulsboro Refinery is located on approximately 750 acres on the Delaware River in Paulsboro, New Jersey. The refinery produces gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel and heating oil, as well as jet fuel, and also manufactures lubricant base oils and asphalt.