February Member of the Month: Ashleigh Pope


  1. Do you take safety home with you? If so, how?

    Absolutely! My husband is a Welder and once he gets under his hood he is FOCUSED. I have served as a fire watch MANY times, always throwing away chords that are cut & taped back together and making them wear hearing and eye protection. Trying to get my family to realize safety now only keeps us in one piece but also preserves ourselves for the future. Hearing and vision are precious gifts!
  1. What is/was your position and how long have you been in the position?

    Zone 6 Safety Committee Chair for the sites Organization Safety Teams which includes Maintenance, Site Services, Mission Excellence, and the Warehouse for 14 months and the WIPP's Real Property Lead for 5.5 years. 
  1. What has been the greatest challenge in your career?Ashleigh_feb_motm.jpg

    The struggle to leave a team and a project you love in order to move the family to a completely new environment for the potential to set us up financially for the future was difficult. Starting a new job and providing yourself while all the time second guessing if this was the correct thing for my family. All I could do was trust that God put opportunities in my path for a reason.
  1. What is your most recent accomplishment?

    Discover of a new passion for "6S" process improvement and the possibility to fix some of the frustrations in our working environment. Another manager has mentioned "TPS" to me and I'm eager to dig into that methodology as well!
  1. What advice would you give to "Past You"?

    1. Have conviction and don't be afraid to fight for it and don't be afraid to recognize you are wrong and own up to it. 2. Get your masters IMMEDIATELY after school, you will not want to go back. 3. If you have a hunch to do something- DO IT!

  1. What makes you passionate about the VPPPA?

    The camaraderie and energy each person has!


  1. What has been your favorite aspect of being part of the Association?

    It provides valuable resources & information to the users to help with our site campaigns & looks out for us on the Hill.


  1. What advice would you give to someone interested in the VPP or the VPPPA?

    Safety is vital and people truly want to do the correct thing. Do not get frustrated when people don't speak the VPP language just guide them to understand that VPP is what we do every day, SAFETY! From the walk-downs to the meeting, to PPE, that is VPP and they just need to understand the link.