Managing Fatigue Report From National Safety Council

February 27, 2019 

A free report from the National Safety Council (NSC) reviews how employers can increase productivity and safety by reducing workplace fatigue. A single employee with sleep problems can cost an employer thousands of dollars in lost productivity, absenteeism, and more. With 97 percent of employees reporting at least one risk factor for fatigue, most employers are impacted by this issue. The NSC report discusses the effects of fatigue on the workplace and gives employers specific, actionable guidance on implementing a fatigue risk management system.

Managing Fatigue gives employers specific, actionable guidance on implementing an effective fatigue risk management system, including:

  • Education and training on sleep health programs and sleep disorder screening
  • Policies and practices for shift scheduling and work hour limits
  • Ways employers and employees can work together to optimize productivity, health and safety
  • Strategies for fatigue mitigation with environmental controls and rest opportunities


To download the report and read more, visit the NSC website here.