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VPPPA is proud to offer a new service exclusively to our network for completing the annual VPP self-evaluation electronically.

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Submit Your Annual Self-Evaluation The Easy Way.

Introducing the new cloud-based platform to help you
maintain your VPP status. With VPP Online, you get the
tools you always wished you had for self-assessment audits.

“The VPP Online platform expands the capabilities of collaboration and will help make the experience of submitting annual self-evaluations much more seamless, saving VPP Managers and their teams hours of time compiling these reports.”

Terry Schulte, VPPPA Chairman of the Board

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Price Includes:

Each subscription runs one full year from the date of payment.

Features That Save You Time And Effort

  1. Standardization
  2. Automated Calculations
  3. Available 24/7 All Year Round
  4. Central repository
  5. Version control
  6. Collaboration