Safety Star of the Quarter

Tyler Snow

Sr. EHS Specialist
Tempe, Arizona

How did you get involved in safety?

I started my journey in safety as a workers’ compensation claims manager for a third-party administrator. There I fully realized the impact that injuries have on the employee, co-workers, and the company. This is a people business, and we need to keep our workforce healthy and safe so they can do the activities outside of work that make them unique. This brings diversity and new perspectives to our business so we can all grow and develop to our fullest potential.

What is your most recent safety related work accomplishment or something you’re proud of?

Recently, Shutterfly Tempe obtained VPP STAR recertification for 5 years.  Shutterfly first became a OSHA VPP STAR site in 2019, and has maintained an excellent safety program throughout the COVID pandemic and other challenges like having nearly a 50% temporary workforce during our busiest seasons.  Being able to engage temporary workers and get buy-in from them is the most significant challenge we have overcome. 

What has been your favorite aspect of the VPPPA?

The networking with other businesses through the SGE program and conferences.  Building a network of safety professionals to assist with challenges and share safety ideas (what works, what doesn’t, how to continuously improve and engage the workforce) is my favorite aspect of the VPPPA.  Shutterfly has successfully adopted R&D (Ripoff and Duplicate) multiple best practices from other businesses through VPPPA relationships.

What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing a career in safety?

Listen to the front-line employees.  They know the job tasks better than we ever will and have the solutions to the challenges we face.  Develop yourself by networking with other safety professionals and obtain certifications.  Doing so will build credibility and help engage the workforce.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I once rode my bicycle across the state of Iowa just for the fun of it.  RAGBRAI is a weeklong bicycle ride held annually, and in the summer of 1995, I rode it with a friend.  It was basically a party on wheels with the added bonus of being a camping trip, as we all slept in tents along the way.

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